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Digital Marketing: Systems for Success

Learn the latest best practices for marketing your brand online.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing efforts using tools such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites, to connect with an audience and promote your product, service, or brand.

At SOA, we want to provide you with the content and tools that you need as a digital marketer, so you can master content marketing, copywriting and the systems you need to help you succeed.

On this page, you’ll find:

  • A Buyers Journey guide 
  • Courses designed to help you implement and execute 
  • Our best free articles on digital marketing 


Our essential guide to the Buyer Journey

The first concept to grasp in digital marketing is the buyer journey. Before you launch into determining your strategy, deciding on how you will reach your customer, creating content, making products, and fleshing out your brand, it’s essential you understand how the buying decision making process works.


SOA’s Buyer Journey Guide

You may not be aware of it, but almost every day, you are somewhere along a buyer’s journey. It may be for a product you are considering buying, one of which you are not even yet aware, or one you bought months ago…

7 Chapters


Courses to bring clarity and help you execute

These essential courses will blow away the mist and help you blaze your way forward, whether you need to generate awareness, attract traffic, convert lookers to buyers or turn buyers into your biggest fans.

Power Attraction

How to Create Awareness social media content to attract your target market in droves. Includes planner & templates


Persuasive Emails

How to convince your email list subscribers that you’re the only answer to their problems. Includes planner & templates


High Converting Pages

How to write & layout web pages that turn lookers into buyers who can’t resist your offer. Includes planner & templates




Read free articles and tutorials to help you choose the best systems, products and tools to attract, convince, convert and care for your customers.

8 Content marketing tips I would give my younger self

Successful content marketing starts with understanding your target audience and their needs. Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, it becomes much easier to create engaging content. Join Research Radar, the course that shows you how to do...

We should be worried about Artificial Intelligence writing tools

We should be worried about Artificial Intelligence writing tools

Yes, businesses should be worried about AI writing tools. However, using audience research-based writing tools that use Google BERT can help mitigate the risks of poor quality content. Join the Research Radar course to learn how to: research your market online define...

Niching down by desired outcomes for better results

Are you feeling unsure about how to segment your market? Are you feeling confused about how to niche down? In this post, we pull back the curtains to reveal our method for defining a niche.Access the free introductory mini-course that pulls back the curtains on how to...

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