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You’ve never grabbed a copy of the templates before.

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The 5 problems crushing the  chance at success for many copywriters


Copywriter’s freeze

Otherwise known as writer’s block. That paralysing feeling you get when you don’t know where to start. We’ve all experienced it at some point.


Template Pack rescue:

Burn through your copy like it’s no one’s business with these step by step instructions and triple template pack.

And with the list of 15 persuasive sales page headline prompts, to dissolve even the most severe case of writer’s block.


No time (or patience) to write

Good copy takes time. Ask any copywriter and they’ll tell you in no uncertain terms. But experienced copywriters work smart by having an arsenal of go-to templates that they use as a base when writing landing pages, which can turn a job that would usually take 4 or 5 hours, instead take one or less.

For many first time or novice copywriters, the lack of certainty about how to write persuasive copy, paired with lack of time, can be a recipe for a complete copy fail: A sales page that doesn’t sell.


Template Pack rescue:

Get your skates on because this template pack fast tracks the landing page copywriting process.

Whip up a sales page, arriving at your destination in less time than it would usually take to check in. Now you can create sales page copy hours instead of days!


Rushed research

Guilty of rushing through the research phase? Do you really know how to get inside your target customer’s head to understand what makes them tick? Skipping this essential phase is a sure-fire way to create a landing page that sinks (or stinks).

If you are unsure of how to go about researching your target market to find nuggets to use to make incredibly compelling copy, this template pack will give you the direction you need.


Template Pack rescue:

Hidden in the corners of the internet (actually often in plain sight) are pockets or even throngs of your target customer who gather to talk about their problems and their needs. It’s a copywriting gold mine.

Research doesn’t need to take and eternity – thanks to the internet it’s there for you to consume in a matter of minutes or hours… and included with the Template Pack is a step by step guide showing you where to look and what to look for.


Stiff copy that doesn’t speak to your customer

Writing high converting copy is not only about knowing what to say, but how to say it. You see, it’s not just about speaking your customer’s language… i.e. English.

It’s about talking to your customer in a way that they would be spoken to in a comparable real life situation. If it sounds unnatural, it can lose the sale.


Template Pack rescue:

Learn techniques to speak to your buyer in a way that keeps them reading and avoid awkward and common obstacles that can completely cripple sales


Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time… 

There’s a time and a place for everything, and when you get the timing wrong, or you don’t say it at all, it can be the difference in the success or failure of your landing page copy.

There’s more to creating persuasive landing page copy than just the words themselves. There is a particular sequence of elements that trigger the brain to behave in the way you want it to behave. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into writing copy that sells.


Template Pack rescue:

Discover the essential elements every landing page needs and the order in which they need to be presented to grab your reader’s attention, spark their interest, keep them engaged and persuade them to take action.

Use all the elements in the right way at the right time and have hungry buyers whipping out their credit cards before they’ve barely finished reading the copy.

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