Learn to create the foundation for business-changing content

research runway

Understand your market.

Understand your audience.

Understand how to set up

CrawlQ, a cutting-edge AI-powered

market research and writing tool,

so you can create audience-centric content,

at scale, to dominate your niche.

You want to reach that next stage in your business,

where you become an authority

and hit higher earnings,

but you’re struggling because:


“I don’t have a way to create content at scale,

which truly resonates with my target audience.”

It’s not just you.


Attracting your target audience requires understanding their demographics, psychographics, and semantics and then utilizing these insights to create content speaks directly to their wants and needs.

But consistently creating content that taps into these insights to draw the target audience in, keep them engaged and convert them to leads is difficult for most people.

Then trying to scale the creation of this content moves the challenge up to the next level.


But imagine for a moment

how your life would improve if you harnessed the power

of creating content on demand with the help of AI,

that addresses your audience’s problems, needs, and desires, 

acknowledges their roadblocks, and struggles,

and appeals to their emotions.


What if:

You never again worried when you created a piece of content about whether it was going to resonate with your audience.

And you stopped staring blankly at your screen while your fingers froze perched on your keyboard because you just didn’t know what to write.

You never again wasted your precious time with useless garbage, or whether it would actually help.


If you knew

what content to create, and

how to input all the insights you’ve gained

about your audience into an AI writing tool,

so that you could create content at scale

that’s crafted specifically for your target audience,

maybe then you’d…


Be able to focus on moving to the next stage in your business…

focusing on converting leads to sales

so you could enjoy life – travel more, treat your family to something special,

instead of constantly worrying about a struggling business


Confidently create content to meet your audience

exactly where they are in their “buyer journey”

and lead them from recognizing they have a problem to becoming aware that there is a solution,

so they can then move them toward a purchase…


Experience that moment when you put fingers-to-keyboard

and the content you create is gold…

and proudly explain “I’m the content marketer” when people ask,

“Who built that business and how did they do it?” 


These moments don’t need to be dreams.

Content creators are putting an end to poor quality content that attracts random visitors that don’t stick.

Content creators are saying goodbye to only outputting one or two content pieces a week.

They’re transforming from untargeted, slow, and spread too thin, to speedy, streamlined, and audience-centric…


We know that:


Growth becomes inevitable

when you’re speaking to the right audience,

in the right way,

frequently, and consistently.


There’s more than a handful of content marketers gleefully using CrawlQ to create audience-centric content consistently and frequently, to create bucket loads of blog posts, social media posts, and more.

Imagine your business if you could create content at scale that truly resonates and you could convert lookers to leads. 

By now you might be wondering:

Why do smart content marketers spend the time to understand content marketing frameworks like “funnels”, the “buyer’s journey” and “the customer decision process”…

And why do they decide to spend the time learning how to set CrawlQ up?

Smart question. Here’s why…

Crap content costs time and money.


Strategic, audience-centric content leads to business growth.


Imagine what your business could be like if you don’t effectively

put your insights from your audience research to work in CrawlQ.

You could spend the next few months or years

wasting valuable time creating content that doesn’t “work”.


All. That. Time. Wasted.


Sure, nearly everyone can set up

a CrawlQ workspace

without really understanding
what’s really going on under the hood.
But not everyone will be able to set it up in such a way

that it can generate optimal, audience-centric content.


Successful content creators will use a proven, methodical and repeatable process

to engineer their CrawlQ workspaces for optimal content-writing content results.

The best content creators know they can trust their strategic and repeatable process

to deliver audience-centric content again and again and again.


Perhaps you’re thinking: 

“All right, I’ve already done my research,

I know my target audience’s Problems, Needs, and Desired Outcomes.

I’ll plod along.

I’ll wrestle with the data and struggle my way through understanding the inputs on my own.

I’ll figure out how to set up my CrawlQ workspace to create audience-centric content at scale through trial and error – right?”



You do not need to plod along.

You do not need to wrestle with the data.

You don’t need to struggle your way to understanding the workspace inputs on your own.

You do not need to need to waste time with endless trial and error.

While it’s true that it will take time to set up a workspace, test, and tweak it,

it shouldn’t be guesswork, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

In other words:

Swipe the winning strategies from the pros who’ve traveled the road before you.

Sure, without tested strategies and a proven process, you might guess your way to a decent workspace once… or twice.

But you want more than decent.

(Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading this copy.)


You couldn’t guess your way
to the success you’ve already achieved.
So why would you think you could guess your way
to success with CrawlQ?


The answer is simple:
You can’t.
Guesswork can only take you so far.


If you want to take your seat as a

confident CrawlQ workspace creator

and develop the essential foundations

to become a

kickass content marketer,

then you’re in the right place.

“I’m taking the courses now and the lessons are comprehensive and easy to understand. Everything you need to set up your Crawl Q workspaces properly, and get you going with your persona-based content. I’m not an affiliate. This a great course.”

Charles Carr

“Prue is extremely knowledgeable about CrawlQ.”

Anthony Huckaba


The best part?

You, are actually uniquely empowered to do well

in creating content with CrawlQ BECAUSE you’re here,

reading this page, seeking out this training.

You know you shouldn’t guess.

And you know you can’t become

that consistent, productive, audience-centric content creator

without Research Runway.


Here’s how Research Runway can help:


Research Runway provides comprehensive

content marketing training

and CrawlQ training

to take you step-by-step through setting up

Level 1 of your CrawlQ workspace.


It’s filled to the brim with techniques and tools

that you can use to drive results.

Now. And long-term.

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop-shop

for content marketing training,

skill and insight…

and guidance for

CrawlQ AI market research tool setup,

the only one you’ve ever needed

and will ever need…

then don’t miss this chance.


Within seconds of enrolling, you’ll get immediate access to:

  • 25+ instructional videos packed with valuable information and step-by-step instructions, covering everything from fundamental content marketing concepts that help you understand how to use CrawlQ, to step-by-step instructions for setting up Level 1 of your CrawlQ workspace.
  • Spreadsheet templates, and worksheets to help you plan your workspace using the data and insights you’ve already collected in Research Radar and AI Ignition System (AIIS).



  • Learn our research methods for understanding WHO is in a target audience; the people behind the comments
  • Our process for finding and researching an ideal audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube
  • The Sell On Autopilot process of Niching down to define your Sub Niche and Micro Niche, to set you apart from the competition
  • How to do market analysis to discover your product or service competitors and your content competitors
  • How to develop your funnel messaging to move ideal customers from lookers to buyers using the Sell On Autopilot Sales Argument
  • How to write an elevator pitch to concisely articulate your offer, to use throughout your marketing content
  • How to create a Unique Value Proposition for your product or service that sets you apart from your competition
  • How to use 3 different secret formulas to create perceived value and intrigue, to attract your ideal audience like crazy
  • How to fill the gaps in your research using Athena’s AI feature and insight generation, so that you can complete your workspace with confidence
  • Understand how workspace data inputs interrelate so you can stop stabbing in the dark as you select your data inputs
  • Learn our process for determining how many workspaces a brand may need and the different possible changes of inputs in workspaces for split testing
  • Learn the common causes of poor content writing quality in CrawlQ, and how to address them


And the business-changing additions like:

  • How to think like a content marketer
  • How to set up your workspace to speak in the tone of your audience
  • How to improve your workspace over time with social listening and customer insights, so your content continually improves and becomes more attractive for your target audience

This means Research Runway gives you the training you need to understand and master every critical CrawlQ input.

So you can finally be skilled at setting up a CrawlQ workspace and ready to create audience-centric content at scale.


Constant time constraints? 


That’s exactly why

you need Research Runway.


Avoid wasting time with trial and error.


Eliminate time wasted

creating content that doesn’t resonate

with your target audience.


Get set up right

from the start.






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